CSC Womens Rugby


Pitch - is the playing field.

Advancing the Ball - Players advance the ball by running with it or kicking it. Forward passes are illegal. All players on a team have an opportunity to run or kick the ball.

Off Sides - being in front of the ball when your team is the attacking team.

On Sides - being behind the ball when your team is the attacking team.

Line Out - Method to resume play after ball has gone into touch (out of bounds). Below is a picture showing a lineout.

Scrum/Scrum Down - Method to restart play after a minor penalty or infraction (knock) has occured. Below is a Scrum.

Ruck - after a tackle, the forwards defend the ball by creating a wall around the ball, pushing the opposing team away. A forward picks up and runs the ball. The rugby game is a repetition of rucks moving the ball toward the goal.

Blood Bin - If a player is bleeding (nose, cut, etc...) that player may be temporarily substituted until the bleeding stops and that player can retake the field. This is the only exemption to the substituion rule.

Maul - A ball carrier is held up in a tackle (doesn't hit the ground) by an opposing player and one more player from either team joins the battle. A maul is then considered formed and the off line becomes the last foot of the last man on each side of the maul. Hands are allowed to be used in the maul. Players from the opposing team can steal the ball away or runner's teammates can move in close for a shoulder-to-shoulder hand off. If the ball doesn't come out in a timely fashion, the Sir will award a scrum to the team that did not take the ball into the maul. People do get lifted into the air!

Drop Kick - a kick for goal taking during open play by allowing the ball to drop to the deck and then kicking it through the goal posts. Drop Kicks are rare and are worth 3 points.

Ball Out - is yelled by the team when the Scrum Half (#9) has grabbed the ball out of the scrum and released it to the line. Sirs will say if 1 or 2 hands are on the ball, it's ok for the opposing team to tackle. Usually it's as soon as the Scrum Half touches the ball it's in play and they are tackled.

Knock - is when a player catches a ball and it drops in front of them. The ball goes to the other team either by a toe tap or a scrum down.

Try - is scored by touching the ball down, with pressure and under control, the opposition goal area. Tries are worth 5 points.

Penalty Try - if a player would probably have scored a try but for a foul play by an opponent, a penalty try is awarded between the goal posts.

Pentalty Goal - A player scores a penalty goal by kicking a goal from a penalty kick.

Sir/Madam - Referees are referred to as Sirs (Madams). Only the team captain is allowed to talk to the Sir, no other players.

Obstruction - is when you are off sides or blocking a player. You cannot be in front of a ball. If they are running behind you and you quickly put your hands in the air sometimes you can get away without an obstruction, but not usually.

ZooLue Warrior - a rookie who has made a try. After scoring the rookie must run around the field naked or they must "shoot the boot." Which is finding the oldest rugby shoe and drink from it.

Yellow Card - is awarded for repeated infractions to the rules. The offending player is sent to the "Sin Bin" for 10 minutes while his team must play a man short.

Red Card - is awared for very foul play and result in the player being ejected from the game. Red carded players are also suspended from league play for two or more weeks.

Whoring On - is when two teams that don't have enough players come together and form one complete team.